It's Not Just the Technology that Counts - It's The Operator

Experienced Aerial Cinematographers Make the Difference

Peter Thompson is one of the world’s most experienced aerial cinematographers. He’s a co-founder of the game-changing Shotover Camera Systems.

Peter has flown over 11,000 hours of helicopter filming work and he’s widely known for both his creativity and advanced technical knowledge.

An Industry Pioneer

Peter Thompson has highly-regarded industry-specific engineering skills as well as being a top aerial cinematographer.

His detailed knowledge of aerial gyro-stabilized camera systems has contributed to the development of the world’s two leading aerial camera systems – Cineflex and Shotover.

Aeroptics’ base is 10 minutes from Shotover Camera Systems in Queenstown, New Zealand and Peter enjoys an on-going product development relationship with the company.

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Cost Effective Operations

As an experienced owner operator Peter Thompson plans, rigs and shoots each project avoiding the cost of 2 – 3 man crews.

This straightforward operational style also avoids delays and budget overruns by focussing all aspects of each aerial cinematography production down to just one point of contact.

International Award Winning Excellence

Based in Queenstown, New Zealand Peter Thompson has worked as a full time aerial cinematographer since 1999. He’s renowned for his long lens work, in particular his specialist results using 42 x zoom lenses.

Peter has won national and international awards and Aeroptics has built a close family of repeat clients worldwide.

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