Experienced aerial cinematographers make the difference


Life-long career in film and tv camera work.

Full-time aerial cinematographer since 1999.

Full-time owner-operator of aerial gimbal systems since 2005.

Over 14,000 hrs of helicopter filming work.

Filming in 70 countries world wide.

An Industry Pioneer

Detailed knowledge of aerial gyro-stabilised camera systems with industry-specific engineering skills.

Contributor to the development of two leading aerial camera systems – Cineflex and Shotover.

Co-founder of Shotover Camera Systems in Queenstown in 2007.


TECHNOLOGY EVOLVES: IT’S UP TO THE operator to make the most of it!

When not on filming assignments, we’re..


Testing new lenses & cameras


Building bespoke equipment


Finding new ways to get the very best out of our system.


Aeroptics enjoys an on-going product-development  relationship with Shotover Camera Systems, our neighbourhood aerial cameras manufacturing company, in Queenstown.

Cost Effective Operations

Single point-of-contact for your aerial filming assignment. 

One-man aerial camera crew 

Aerial logistics/planning.

Rigging and de-rigging equipment.

Camera operating / DoP / DIT


Peter Thompson is known for … 


Creativity and advanced technical knowledge.


Long lens work, in particular his specialist results using 46x zoom lenses.


Team player who gets the shot. Watch.  


Peter has won national and international awards and has built a close family of repeat clients worldwide.

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